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Row Sail and Bike in Friesland




11 city rowing in Friesland.
Row-active offers an arrangement for those rowers who love sports, luxury and culture: Row, Sail and Bike. You row in five days a part of the ‘Eleven city rowing’ route  and you sleep on board of a large sailboat.

Zwarte Valk 100 ft dutch barge

Zwarte Valk 100 ft dutch barge

Usually we start on Sunday evening in Lemmer. On Monday morning we first have a delicious breakfast and you get instructions on the boats and the route. Off we go! You row or bike to Sloten where we start the Eleven city route.
On our way we stop in historic Sloten, we row through Gaasterland, we eat haring in Stavoren and have a guided tour in Hindeloopen.
The sailboat is with you during the whole week and waits for you at the end of the day.

In Hindeloopen we stop rowing and biking and we go sailing at the IJsselmeer. All the guests can help with the heavy sails, go from starboard to backboard or be the captain.
In the evening we follow up the route to Workum. In Workum you can visit the museum of Jopie Huisman or an historic shipyard, where the old wooden ships are still build.
The next days we row through the Frisian lake district back to Lemmer. Depending on the weather we can visit Sneek, Heeg or have an overnight sleep on the ship in the free nature.

During this trip the boats we use are ‘wherry’s’. This kind of boats are suitable for 3 or 4 rowers. If you want to have a day off rowing, you can find your way on a bike.
Each day the distance of a trip is 25 km maximum. You get route-maps to find your way easily.


Read more about the trip of the Ashland Rowing Club ( Oregon, USA)

See the photos from the Morsø Roklub from Danmark




Hoteltrip  Danube: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Mohacs




In 2017 Rowtravels offers a trip on the river Donau. The ORV (Osterreichischen Ruder Verbandes) about the trip Vienna-Budapest: “every rower should experience this, it belongs to your education!” Untill Bratislava the river is an unpredictable mountain river, after Bratislava the river has “calmed down”.



Our trip starts in Melk and we row to Mohacs at the Hungarian-Servic border. We see many fabulous castles from the “Habsburger monarch” on this trip. We row through the wild and pure river landscape of the most impressive river in Europe.

We row trough the center of Vienna and sleep in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. We visit the Danubiana Art Museum, we row the old Donau, sleep in authentic hotels and visit the Baselic of Esztergom.

The very best moment of this trip is entering Budapest: the beautiful bridges, impressive castles and the character of the city makes you will never forget!  Of course we stay in Budapest to visit the city.

The second part of this trip shows you de tremendous woods of Au. We row trough these old woods and will see many birds. The river is meanwhile a mighty river on her way to the Black Sea.

We visit small city’s like Rackeve and Kalocsa. In the end there is Mohacs, which is known as the batlle of Mohacs, where the Hungarian stopped the Turkish army.

From Mohacs Rowtravels brings you back to Budapest in a high quality tourbus. Rowtravels takes care of the boats and bring them back to Holland.



Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon ( ERM) 





The first Friday following Ascension Day traditionally sees the start of the Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon. The itinerary connects all Eleven Frisian Cities and is open for participation by seasoned and well trained rowers.

The tour has a length of 210 kilometres and rowers are challenged to complete these within 24 hours in a C2. It is allowed to bring a larger team, which  covers this considerable distance by way of a relay-race. Approx. every 10 kilometres teams, consisting of two rowers and a helmsman/women, take turns.  The tour starts on Friday evening at 20.00 hours from the city park Prinsentuin in the Frisian capital city of Leeuwarden, which implies that soon after the boats disappear into the dark night. Sunrise will be over Sneek, after which a full long day of rowing through the vast Frisian landscape awaits. Saturday late afternoon the first teams are already expected back in Leeuwarden. But of course, there will be teams that need more time than the 24 hour-limit to come full circle. Those teams unfortunately cannot be honoured with the prestigious Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon medal. </p>




Coastal Rowing




Rowing on the Waddensea

Rowing on the Waddensea

Rowing in rough waters is sensational, quite a league of its own. Whereas rowing on smooth inland waterways is mainly a matter of technique, rowing at sea means confronting new dimensions in addition: waves, currents, and offshore navigation whenever land is out of sight. From the onlookers point of view coastal rowing is spectacular, as it is not always the strongest that win the race. The technique at the helm and the cunning choice of tack may easily be more decisive.

RoeiReizen is also the importer and dealer of the Eurodiffussion Coastal Rowing boats. With these boats the FISSA-world Championship is held. The Yole de Mer is typical and used for our Wadden trips and our trips in the Baltic Sea. To promote and propagate rowing at sea in the Netherlands RoeiReizen organizes workshops Coastal Rowing. One of the company’s ambitions is to introduce and organize a yearly recurring national Coastal Rowing Championship in the country.







Hospitality in your wake


capre diem 2

sailing and rowing


The multifunctional sailing ships of the Frisian Sailing Company are of service in a number of different ways, depending on the trip. As mother ship from the seaports of Makkum or Harlingen, hosting the participants of the weekend crash course Coastal Rowing on the Wadden Shoals; or aboard the Flying Dutchman to and from Scotland for a rowing trek through the Caledonian Canal; or aboard the Banjaard/Pegasus in the Baltic Around Rügen; as floating hotels during the southern Eleven Towns roundtrip and the Gaasterland trip.

The hospitality ships guarantee that your trip is relaxed. Whichever vessel has been chosen to accompany you, it awaits you at the destination of the day’s leg of your rowing adventure. The seasoned skippers know their way around. And they will help you conquer obstacles too hard to (circum)navigate. In such instances, along with you, the wherries are taken on board, ready for launch the next day. Along the way you are being looked after and catered for. All ships are equipped with cabins for two, showers, toilets and spacious lounges below and on deck.

Most trips include one or more days of sailing, especially during 7-days roundtrips.




Rest during trip on the IJssel

RoeiReizen disposes of several types of wherries, two state of the art models vintage 2015 and a couple of seasoned boats that may be also used to land on stony beaches. On demand additional boats, type C4 and C2, can be made operational at short notice, using the stock of local rowing associations.

For sea going trips we use Coastal Rowing boats. As importer of Eurodiffussions boats we have made sure that we always dispose of the best. Moreover we cultivate our good working relationship with Rowing Wharf Wiersema.

Our boat lorries have been especially designed for flexible hop on, hop off. The wherries can be launched and hauled from the water almost any place. This means that you are not bound to the locations of rowing clubs or the place of departure of the trip chosen. And if needed a beach lorry will be used to transport the wherry. Moreover a lorry with or without one or more boats may be hired for trips of your own making.



Rental Service

If you would like to row the Vogalonga in Venice and incidentally on the way down there reconnoitre the Swiss Vierwaldstättersee, or the mountain lakes of Austrian Salzkammergut, you may wish to rent (one of) our boat(s) and the lorry to get there. Our lorries are multifunctional, we have a lorry for 1, or for  2 or 3 wherries



About us


RoeiReizen has been established only recently and specializes in sporty hospitality, offering its vast experience on Frisian inland waters, the Yssel lake, the Dutch and German Wadden and the Baltic coast. Founder Jaap Maks is a fond rower and combines his passion with a lasting love for the Brown Fleet, having been a skipper himself and working as agent for the Frisian Sailing Company for dozens of years. All this expertise and the resulting network put him in the position to offer the concept of Roeireizen as a comfortable group adventure and develop it further. With the introduction of Coastal Rowing in the Netherlands as the icing on the cake.


Jaap Maks
(00) -31-654736044


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  • The first Friday following Ascension Day traditionally sees the start of the Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon. The itinerary connects all Eleven Frisian Cities and is open for participation by seasoned and well trained rowers. The tour has a length of 210 kilometres and rowers are challenged to complete these within 24 hours in a C2.
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