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Carpe Diem

capre diem 2Up to 10 persons, flexible routing. Its skipper has seen all inland waterways of the Netherlands over the past 20 years. The Carpe Diem is especially equipped for rowing trips with its hoist, its catering and accommodation: all in all a guarantee for a high quality adventure. See Carpe Diem for a detailed tour of what the ship and its skipper have to offer.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Bordine stays closer to the home base of Warten and usually roams the waterways of the adjacent provinces of Friesland and Groningen. The Bordine can offer accommodation up to 10 guests per trip. Skipper Tineke spent 30 years of her professional life dedicated to the wellbeing of passengers on board of cruise and hospitality ships.  RoeiReizen therefore gladly extends its offer with the service of her Bordine vaarvakanties.



compaen2The Compaen is an indispensable link in the route Maastricht–Pieterburen, located halfway in the river port of Arnhem. Its powerful engine allows her to tug up and downstream along the route  Maastricht-Mook and on the Yssel river, accompanying the rowing teams. Skipper Felix knows both the Yssel and Mosa rivers like the back of his hand and all the choice mooring spots. Hostess Elly is an expert at fortifying the inner man. Hospitality, fun and agreeable rowing downstream are the catchwords of this experience. See Compaen for relevant on board details.