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ERM - Elfstädte Rudern Marathon

  • Start Date
  • 09-05-2018
  • End Date
  • 11-03-2018
  • Days
  • 4
  • Min. Pers
  • 10
  • Max. Pers
  • 16
  • Weight Class
  • ***
  • Luxe Class
  • ***
  • Departure Point
  • Leeuwarden
  • Arrival Point
  • Leeuwarden
  • Guide
  • yes
  • Trip by Row-Active
  • yes
  • Cab
  • yes
  • including rowing boat
  • yes
  • Breakfast
  • yes
  • Lunch
  • yes
  • Dinner
  • yes
  • Gig 4 +
  • yes
  • Gig 2 +
  • yes
  • Sleeping on board sailing vessel
  • yes
  • Sleeping on board Motorboot
  • yes
  • € 495,00
  • *second person: € 0,00

The first Friday following Ascension Day traditionally sees the start of the Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon. The itinerary connects all Eleven Frisian Cities and is open for participation by seasoned and well trained rowers. The tour has a length of 210 kilometres and rowers are challenged to complete these within 24 hours in a C2. It is allowed to bring a larger team, which covers this considerable distance by way of a relay-race. Approx. every 10 kilometres teams, consisting of two rowers and a helmsman/women, take turns. The tour starts on Friday evening at 20.00 hours from the city park Prinsentuin in the Frisian capital city of Leeuwarden, which implies that soon after the boats disappear into the dark night. Sunrise will be over Sneek, after which a full long day of rowing through the vast Frisian landscape awaits. Saturday late afternoon the first teams are already expected back in Leeuwarden. But of course, there will be teams that need more time than the 24 hour-limit to come full circle. Those teams unfortunately cannot be honoured with the prestigious Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon medal.

With an eye to guests of Rowing Clubs from abroad Roeireizen offers a complete package tour.

Wednesday evening arriving guests are picked up by a special shuttle service from Schiphol Airport. Upon arrival in Friesland on board of one of our accommodating classic barges, during a welcome supper the skipper/host and instructor will acquaint our guests with the ins and outs of the Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon. The following day, Thursday, is dedicated to instruction, planning, organisation and some basic training, such as: rowing the C2 and/or C4, getting on and off fast, how to handle bridges, scouting parts of the tour from the water, as well as visiting places by car where the teams may take turns. Friday continues with some more rowing for those teams who wish to do so and is used to prepare the equipment for the tour proper. After which of course the event follows. The package tour concludes on Sunday with a choice from rowing inside the canal system of Leeuwarden and a visit to historical sites, sail away to the coastal city of Harlingen, or – alternatively – row there.

Costs for the package tour include airport tranfers, lodging, catering, boat rental C4 and/or C2, instructor, taxi-service for visiting sites, subscription, administrative handling, tracking etc.